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Johnnywriter’s Approach to Healing After a Breakup

Breakups can be one of the most challenging experiences in life, leaving individuals feeling lost, hurt, and uncertain about the future. Johnnywriter, a renowned relationship therapist, has guided many through the tumultuous journey of healing after a breakup. Here, we delve into Johnnywriter’s compassionate and effective approach to helping individuals mend their hearts and move forward with resilience and hope.

Understanding the Pain of a Breakup

Johnnywriter begins by acknowledging the profound impact a breakup can have on an individual. He emphasizes that it’s essential to recognize and validate the pain, as suppressing emotions can hinder the healing process. According to Johnnywriter, the first step to recovery is to accept that it’s okay to feel hurt and to give oneself permission to grieve the loss of the relationship.

Johnnywriter’s Healing Strategies

  1. Emotional Expression and Validation
    • Strategy: Encourage individuals to express their emotions freely, whether through talking, writing, or creative outlets.
    • Why it Works: Releasing pent-up feelings helps in processing the breakup and prevents emotional suppression, which can lead to more significant issues later.
  2. Establishing a Support System
    • Strategy: Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who can provide comfort and perspective.
    • Why it Works: A strong support system offers emotional stability and reminds individuals that they are not alone in their journey.
  3. Self-Care and Self-Compassion
    • Strategy: Prioritize self-care activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.
    • Why it Works: Self-care fosters healing and self-compassion, helping individuals rebuild their self-esteem and regain a sense of normalcy.
  4. Reflecting on the Relationship
    • Strategy: Guide individuals to reflect on the relationship objectively, identifying lessons learned and areas for personal growth.
    • Why it Works: Reflection can provide valuable insights, helping individuals understand what they want in future relationships and how to avoid past mistakes.
  5. Setting Boundaries
    • Strategy: Establish clear boundaries with the ex-partner to create space for healing.
    • Why it Works: Boundaries prevent the re-opening of emotional wounds and allow individuals to focus on their recovery without distractions.

20 Dos and Don’ts for Healing After a Breakup


  1. Do Allow Yourself to Grieve: Give yourself the time and space to process the breakup.
  2. Do Seek Support: Reach out to friends, family, or a therapist for emotional support.
  3. Do Practice Self-Compassion: Be kind and gentle with yourself during this challenging time.
  4. Do Reflect on the Relationship: Identify lessons learned and areas for personal growth.
  5. Do Engage in Self-Care: Prioritize activities that nurture your well-being.
  6. Do Stay Active: Exercise can help improve your mood and reduce stress.
  7. Do Maintain a Routine: Keeping a daily routine can provide stability.
  8. Do Explore New Interests: Engage in new hobbies or activities to rediscover joy.
  9. Do Set Boundaries: Limit contact with your ex to create space for healing.
  10. Do Seek Professional Help: Consider therapy if you’re struggling to cope.
  11. Do Journaling: Write down your thoughts and feelings to process them.
  12. Do Focus on Personal Growth: Use this time to work on self-improvement.
  13. Do Stay Social: Spend time with friends and loved ones.
  14. Do Plan for the Future: Set new goals and look forward to new beginnings.
  15. Do Express Your Feelings: Talk about your emotions rather than bottling them up.
  16. Do Celebrate Small Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate small steps in your healing process.
  17. Do Limit Social Media Use: Avoid constantly checking your ex’s profiles.
  18. Do Practice Mindfulness: Engage in mindfulness practices to stay present.
  19. Do Read Inspiring Books: Find motivation and solace in self-help literature.
  20. Do Allow Yourself to Feel Hopeful: Believe that you will find happiness again.
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  1. Don’t Suppress Your Emotions: Avoid bottling up your feelings.
  2. Don’t Isolate Yourself: Don’t Isolate Yourself: Avoid withdrawing from social interactions. 3. Don’t Rush the Healing Process: Healing takes time; don’t pressure yourself to move on quickly. 4. Don’t Engage in Negative Self-Talk: Be mindful of your inner dialogue and stay positive. 5. Don’t Stalk Your Ex on Social Media: Resist the urge to keep tabs on your ex’s activities online. 6. Don’t Make Major Life Decisions Immediately: Give yourself time to think clearly before making significant changes. 7. Don’t Seek Immediate Closure: Accept that closure may come gradually over time. 8. Don’t Rebound: Avoid jumping into a new relationship right away. 9. Don’t Idealize the Past: Remember the relationship realistically, acknowledging both good and bad. 10. Don’t Blame Yourself Entirely: Recognize that both partners contribute to the dynamics of a relationship. 11. Don’t Ignore Your Needs: Prioritize your physical and emotional needs. 12. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others: Everyone’s healing journey is unique. 13. Don’t Engage in Self-Destructive Behaviors: Avoid coping mechanisms that harm your well-being. 14. Don’t Hold on to Anger: Work on releasing negative emotions for your own peace. 15. Don’t Neglect Your Health: Maintain healthy habits like eating well and getting enough sleep. 16. Don’t Contact Your Ex: Reaching out can reopen wounds and delay healing. 17. Don’t Overthink: Try not to obsess over every detail of the breakup. 18. Don’t Avoid Professional Help: Therapy can be incredibly beneficial; don’t hesitate to seek it. 19. Don’t Make Assumptions: Avoid assuming the worst about your future relationships. 20. Don’t Give Up on Love: Believe that you can and will find love again.