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Lucy Boynton: Inside my beauty bag

Best known for her roles in Bohemian Rhapsody, The Ipcress File and The Politician, British film and TV star Lucy Boynton has been professionally acting since the age of just 12 – and along the way has learnt a lot about the art of transformation.

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Best known for her roles in Bohemian RhapsodyThe Ipcress File and The Politician, British film and TV star Lucy Boynton has been professionally acting since the age of just 12 – and along the way has learnt a lot about the art of transformation.

Her concept of beauty, she says in this exclusive video, has hugely been shaped by her work. “It’s given me a healthier relationship with it, because you’re constantly disengaging from any sense of vanity [as] that’s the last priority of my job.” Also, “trying to slip into the identity of someone else has been a great exercise in ascertaining what your idea of beauty actually is,” she adds. “And seeing all these masters at work – all these expert make-up designers and artists and the way make-up can be a really architectural thing and a totally artistic medium has been really fascinating to watch.”

lucy boynton

When it comes to make-up, Boynton has been working with two of the most exciting artists in the entertainment industry today – Jo Baker, who’s responsible for many of Boynton’s dazzlingly experimental red carpet moments, and Donni Davy, best known as the beauty brains behind Euphoria. “I’ve learnt so much from Jo Baker on how to use make-up as as tool of self-expression,” Boynton says, calling her a “genius”. “She’s released her own make-up line,” Boynton confirms during a show-and-tell of her beauty bag, revealing some face gems from Baker’s brand Bakeup. “You can apply them instead of eyeliner or eye shadow.” She also shows off the Mouth Cloud in Magic Brownie, an “amazing” lip tint from Davy’s debut make-up line, Half Magic. “This is the one she used on my character,” she explains, recalling the filming of a forthcoming film, Greatest Hits.

In addition, Boynton reveals a cult make-up classic, her “go-to concealer” YSL Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen in shade 0, and the Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation, which is “good for last minute panic control”. She also keeps to hand her Trinny London ‘stack’ which features Miracle Blur (“amazing for blurring skin texture and under-eye”), as well as the Chanel No1 de Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm in Shade 3 Vital BeigeRimmel London’s 100% Waterproof Mascara, and the Glossier Brow Flick, noting that brows have become “increasingly important with dark hair”.

Boynton goes on to explain that her hair transformation, from blonde to copper, wasn’t a work-related decision. “I felt I’d been blonde for too many years and I just kind of needed a change. I change my hair so much for roles that it was kind of a thrill to get the opportunity to just do it for me. I just went for it.” Her saviour since has been the Oway Silk’N Glow Serum. “If you dye your hair as much as I do, then you know that the life is just going to get sucked out of it, and this has been an amazing restorative gloss, and glow and texture,” she explains.

The actress says she loves the ritual of masking, whether it’s treating her hair or skin. Relatably, she says that going about her business on while wearing them “feels like you’re achieving more”. When it comes to skincare, she uses Augustinus Bader The Cream morning and night, and calls upon the French Farmacie Elixir Exfoliant, “which has been amazing for my skin as well”. And “to lift and sculpt” the face, she uses the NuFace Mini, a microcurrent facial toning device.

“I used to think of beauty as an aesthetic to be achieved and to strive for,” she recalls, “and now [it’s] much more as a feeling, and I’m much more aware of feeling beautiful when I’m feeling confident and I like myself, rather than like a prescribed version of beauty”.

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