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Top 10 things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco is a brilliant get-away goal. Loaded up with a wide assortment of attractions, you’ll discover something to suit all interests in the Bay Area. 

Do you adore the sea? Head to one of the many top aquariums and logical foundations in the region, and after that bounce on board a journey. Love craftsmanship? At that point, visit one of the numerous lofty workmanship foundations in the city. Incline toward history? Visit a recorded house or meander a historically significant area. Everybody will discover something to cherish in this well known city. 

On the off chance that you and your family are searching for the top activities in San Francisco during your outing, look at our rundown of some of the best attractions, including… 

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) 
  • Aquarium of the Bay 
  • Appreciate a Cruise (like Bridge to Bridge Cruise) 
  • Break from the Rock 
  • Jump On Hop Off Big Bus Sightseeing Tour 
  • California Academy of Sciences 
  • and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! 

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) 


Another can’t-skip fascination in San Francisco is the recently revamped San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The SFMOMA is presently the biggest current and contemporary workmanship exhibition hall in the whole nation, highlighting multiple times its past display space. 

This development enables them to exhibit a greater amount of their broad and well-curated accumulations. A few features incorporate the numerous notable works of the Fisher Collection, for example, Alexander Calder and Andy Warhol. Their more extensive accumulations are unbelievably far reaching, as well, including everything from photography and model to painting and film. 

SFMOMA additionally has an assortment of unique shows, including ongoing displays on Matisse and Diane Arbus. There’s likewise a continuous presentation on “Pop, Minimal, and Figurative Art,” drawn from the Fisher Collection. 

Jump On Hop-Off Big Bus Sightseeing Tour 

san francisco Hop On Hop Off Classic Tour 2 Day Ticket 1

The most ideal approach to start your general touring attempts is with a Hop On Hop Off Big Bus San Francisco visit. Their exemplary visit grandstands the best features of this assorted city, including stops at famous zones like: 

  • Brilliant Gate Park 
  • Chinatown 
  • Angler’s Wharf 
  • Association Square 
  • Alamo Square Painted Ladies 
  • And that’s just the beginning! 

This bounce on jump off choice is well known in light of the fact that it gives you the opportunity to feature attractions that intrigue you, and board the transport again when you’d like to keep on making the most of their enlightening portrayal. Furthermore, your ticket is useful for two days, so you can genuinely exploit their direction. 

Aquarium of the Bay 

Aquarium of the Bay 4

Fans of marine life won’t have any desire to pass up on the opportunity to visit the colossally well known Aquarium of the Bay. Planned with a particular spotlight on the maritime widely varied vegetation in the San Francisco Bay zone, this unmistakable fascination offers a few energizing shows and a lot of fun exercises for the entire family to appreciate. 

Make certain to accept the open door to stroll through their reasonable gem burrows, which wander underneath an enormous tank. In this show, you’ll find more than 20,000 sea-going critters, including various great sevengill sharks. 

Different shows incorporate a touch tank with sharks, beams, and ocean stars, and the fun Bay Lab station. You can see master introductions by aquarium staff, animal feedings, and fun instructive sessions. Child agreeable exercises flourish, as well! 

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Top San Francisco Cruises 

Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise 1

The Bay is integral to San Francisco’s character, so it’s totally significant that you set aside some effort to value the cool beach front waters around this ocean side city. 

You’ll particularly locate various mainstream travels that sail around the San Francisco Bay and grandstand the numerous beautiful features en route, for example, the threatening Alcatraz and the stunning Angel Island. 

One top journey alternative is the San Francisco Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise, which sails under both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. This voyage is an extraordinary expansion to any land-based investigations you’re doing, and it’s a perfect method to see the numerous waterfront attractions. 

This hour and a half alternative will feature the city’s history through its numerous common and notable tourist spots, by accentuating everything from its unmistakable design to Native American history. Look out for San Fran’s numerous beacons! 

Getaway from the Rock 

Escape from the Rock Boat Cruise 1

Appreciate an hour and a half cove voyage that sailed directly under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the notorious Alcatraz. On the voyage, you’ll hear chilling records of getaway endeavors just as tales about what life resembled on the island. 

This visit is completely stacked with audio cues and interesting stories of the once most dreaded establishment in the American corrective framework. 

Madame Tussauds San Francisco 

Madame Tussauds San Francisco 1

While you won’t locate a similar centralization of famous people in this piece of California as you would in L.A., there’s surely a little gleam of Hollywood to be found in this city! Visit the energizing Madame Tussauds San Francisco and experience a significant number of your preferred big names in mark settings. 

With a few themed exhibitions that emphasis on various ideas like TV, music, sports, and film, you’ll stroll by reproduced forms of well known destinations or items, similar to Rosa Parks’ transport seat or Elton John’s excellent piano. 

An especially mainstream display is the “Soul of San Francisco” exhibition, where you’ll locate a unique spotlight on the specialists, performers, and journalists who made San Fran such a hot social goal. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! San Francisco 

san francisco ripleys believe it or not 1 e1457364975521

A extraordinary goal for fanatics of everything strange and awesome is Ripley’s Believe It or Not! San Francisco. This intuitive historical center has more than 400 irregular and entrancing displays to investigate, a significant number of which are intelligent. Including genuine characteristic antiques to eccentric attempts to craftsmanship to recorded items, you’ll discover something “ODD” to appreciate at this fascination. 

Make certain to fly by the Toy/Candy Factory, which highlights a considerable lot of your preferred youth adores. Ripley’s is additionally strategically placed in Fisherman’s Wharf, so a visit here is an incredible part of a bigger investigation of this energizing neighborhood. 

California Academy of Sciences 

Calif Academy of Sciences 4

One of San Francisco’s mark attractions is the fantastically well known California Academy of Sciences. It’s an exceptional organization, consolidating an aquarium, a characteristic history exhibition hall, a four-story rainforest, and an all-computerized planetarium into one astounding knowledge. 

There are very nearly 40,000 live creatures that call the California Academy of Sciences home, so you’ll see a wide assortment of critters here, including the fun loving penguins and Claude the pale skinned person gator. Check their calendar before you visit to see uncommon occasions for occasions like penguin feedings and coral reef sessions. 

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They additionally lead world-class explore here, so their shows reflect just the most exceptional data about the regular world. Remember to look at their green rooftop, highlighting beautiful wildflowers in season! 

The San Francisco Dungeon 

The San Francisco Dungeon 1

You may know something of San Francisco’s initial history, yet you’ve never observed it investigated this way. Visit the San Francisco Dungeon and experience the corrupt and obscure history of San Francisco in a totally different manner. 

Start with the most up to date fascination at the San Francisco Dungeon – the invigorating drop ride called “Break Alcatraz.” Learn about the encounters of an Alcatraz detainee in 1915, and afterward quickly drop into the pit underneath as you make your “escape.” 

Next, set out on an hour long vessel ride through an assortment of authentic displays and exhibitions. Nine minimal dramatic pieces anticipate your landing, where you’ll see San Fran’s dirty past enlivened by master entertainers. The entire experience is somewhat frightening and a great deal of silly fun! 


exploratorium san francisco museums

If you’re going with children, at that point the Exploratorium ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown. It’s an awesome goal for more youthful children specifically, who can investigate and adapt just to the furthest reaches of their own minds. 

Including in excess of 600 particular intelligent displays, the Exploratorium holds the potential for a considerable length of heaps of fun. They likewise host visit unique occasions and exercises, so make certain to check their working schedule before your visit to perceive what’s happening. 

As an additional fun reward, you’ll be satisfied to realize that the Exploratorium is at the front line of manageability and eco-benevolence. 

Bursting Saddles Bike Rental 

Family Fun Blazing Saddles SF

Family Fun – Blazing Saddles SFGet outside and get dynamic on your outing to San Francisco with a bicycle rental from Blazing Saddles. Pedal around the city at your relaxation with an entire day rental, and investigate the city as you go. 

Utilize their free versatile application to direct your way, exploiting their tips and fun realities to get familiar with San Francisco en route. 

There are various courses you can browse, of varying lengths and with one of a kind goals. The most prominent is “Bicycle the Bridge,” however there are different choices, as well. Also, if those mark slopes appear to be scary to you, there are a lot of park trails for simpler riding. 

How about we Recap 

There’s our determination of probably the most well known and top activities in San Francisco for first-time guests. 

From logical organizations and exhibition halls to travels and bicycle rentals, there’s something for everybody to appreciate! 

Consider visiting a portion of these attractions on your next excursion to San Francisco, and we realize you’ll come to cherish this city. Regardless of whether you’re going with family or companions, you’re certain to have a ton of fun.

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